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Zibo Haixue Adhesive Technology Co., Ltd.

Zibo Haixue Adhesive Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a professional research, production and operation of series of paper product packaging adhesives, paper gypsum board products, starch adhesives and series of water-soluble synthetic polymer binders. One integrated technology industrial company. It has national invention patents and a number of utility model patents for the complete set of equipment and production process of starch adhesives with its own intellectual property rights, and has long-term cooperation with many domestic chemical colleges.

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Paper tube, paper corner special rubber powder
The paper tube and paper corner rubber powder can be used in various paper tube and paper cornering machinery production, replacing various paper tubes of white latex and polyvinyl alcohol, paper corner adhesive glue, and the glue is fast. , 5 - 10 seconds full viscosity; dry quickly, 10 to 30 minutes to dry. The paper tube and the paper corner which are formed by the adhesive bonding are obviously higher in hardness and strength than the paper tube and paper corner which are bonded by other glues of white latex and polyvinyl alcohol glue. At the same time, the film has good moisture resistance and can fully meet the requirements of various paper tubes and paper corners. It is a special glue for paper tube and paper corners with high quality and low price. The use of the glue can not only significantly improve the hardness and strength of the paper tube and the paper corner, but also greatly reduce the cost.
Honeycomb paperboard production line special rubber powder
Haixue Honeycomb Cardboard Special Glue is the earliest developed adhesive for honeycomb paperboard industry in China. It has been continuously improved and perfected, and has become the preferred adhesive for honeycomb paperboard enterprises. Its excellent performance characteristics are summarized as follows: 1. Drying quickly, adjustable speed; 2. Strong adhesion; 3. Excellent moisture resistance, anti-corrosion and mildew resistance; 4. Easy viscosity adjustment and convenient use; 5. Saving in dosage, low cost, smooth and clean Beautiful; 6. Natural environmental protection, green regeneration; 7. Extremely easy to degrade, clean the environment; 8, cardboard is smooth, smooth and beautiful.
Modified starch for plasterboard
The product is obtained by changing the molecular structure of the food starch, and is used for the manufacture of various gypsum board, and is suitable for various gypsum (natural, desulfurization, phosphogypsum) and various equipment production and use.
Corrugated board production line low temperature (normal temperature) adhesive
"Low temperature" "normal temperature" As the name suggests, adhesives are adhesives that have adhesive properties at low temperatures and normal temperatures. They can be cured without heating, so they are also called "cold-setting" production line glues.


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